Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist


ASL Concierge is a Concierge company that serves with the vision of hosting its guests around the world at the highest level. Digital consultancy is among the services we offer, prioritizing the satisfaction of our guests. We are also looking for a Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist to strengthen the online presence of the companies we provide digital consultancy services to and to represent their brands in the best possible way.

Job description:

Our candidate, who will serve as Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist, will be responsible for strengthening ASL Concierge's digital presence and ensuring that the companies we provide digital consultancy are represented in the best way on online platforms. Our candidate must have the skills to create a strong digital marketing strategy, increase interaction on social media platforms and manage digital campaigns.

Required Qualifications:

Experienced in digital consultancy,

Experienced in Facebook Business Manager and Google Ads advertising management platforms,

Informing customers about campaign performances by regularly meeting with them,

Preparation and analysis of performance reports,

Budget management and ROI tracking,

Knowledgeable about Google Analytics,

Able to work in harmony and coordination with the team,

Fluent in English,

Able to follow the process and analyze campaign results,

Following new advertising models and content trends,

Able to create strategy and business plan,

Strong written and verbal communication skills,

ChatGPT etc. Able to actively use artificial intelligence tools,

Able to create digital campaign ideas and sustainable social media concepts,

Being responsible towards the brand, able to follow up work and manage time, find and develop content ideas, and contribute to the brainstorming process on creative concepts and ideas to be produced,

Knowing and constantly following social media trends,

Experienced in content production, planning, report preparation and data analysis,

Able to manage sharing and reporting processes,

Being knowledgeable about all operational processes of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and TikTok channels and knowledgeable about the advertising operations of these channels,

Supporting the development of teammates and being able to direct them,

Able to develop strategies for brands and support this strategy with content and projects,

He will be able to effectively manage the brands he is responsible for.