ASL Concierge is a Concierge company that serves with the vision of hosting its guests around the world at the highest level. Digital consultancy is among the services we offer, prioritizing the satisfaction of our guests. We are also looking for a Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist to strengthen the online presence of the companies we provide digital consultancy services to and to represent their brands in the best possible way.

Job description:

We are looking for an experienced *Videographer* to work within our company. This position will play an important role in strengthening our company's digital presence, producing impressive and original video content, and increasing brand awareness on social media.

Job Responsibilities:

- Producing impressive video content using video editing programs such as Premiere Pro and After Effects,

- Making video shoots for company events, services and special projects,

- Creating short and impressive videos to be shared on social media,

- Managing video production processes from start to finish,

- Planning and team coordination for video shootings when necessary,

- Accelerating workflows, preferably with knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

Required Qualifications:

- At least 2 years of experience in video production,

- Ability to use Premiere Pro and After Effects programs effectively,

- Having a creative mindset and being able to produce original and impressive video content,

- Good understanding of visual aesthetics,

- Prone to team work, strong communication skills,

- Skilled in project management,

- Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is preferred.

Programs you need to know:

Premiere Pro, After Effects


You can send your applications along with your CV to . Applications will be evaluated until December 30.